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HbA1c Test, 1 pc

Knowledge is power. Our HbA1c test puts your personal health status on the radar and helps you find out if your current lifestyle is sustainable, or if you need to take action now for lasting health. We’ll determine your long-term blood sugar levels in the context of your diet and overall habits and guide you towards a future of well-being. The test includes a lifestyle assessment with personalized recommendations on diet, activities and exercise.

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1. Take your test Start by simply pricking your finger and putting 1–2 drops of blood on a filter paper.
2. Activate your test Register your test by entering your test ID and filling out the lifestyle questionnaire. All data is anonymous.
3. Wait for the analysis Vitas Analytical Services has more than 25 years of experience with cutting-edge knowledge and technology, which guarantees that they analyze your sample independently and protect your privacy.
4. Get your results Your results are accessible and shown in our easy-to-understand graphics within 10-20 days.
5. Start your journey Benefit from a clear starting point for your journey to better health. Gently modify and/or maintain your dietary and lifestyle choices for better health for life.
6. Track your progress Long-term blood sugar is sensitive to choices you make with regards to diet and activity on a daily basis. Such that, your results will change based on the choices you make. We recommend that you actively monitor these values based on your personal test recommendations to ensure that the choices you are making are the best choices for your health.

The Hemoglobin A1c test that we are using to measure the long-term blood sugar level is a measurement of the amount of A1c hemoglobin proteins that have glucose attached. The higher the amount of blood glucose (blood sugar) on average, the more glucose there is attached. It is represented as a unit of measurement in mmol/mol (millimoles per mole) which has been the standard measurement for blood sugar levels since 2009. The result is then categorized in one of 4 different categories:

Normal range < 34 mmol/mol
Monitor closely range 34 – < 38 mmol/mol
Prediabetic range 38 – < 47 mmol/mol
Diabetic range > 47 mmol/mol

Your test is analyzed by an independent and GMP-certified laboratory. The fact that Vitas is GMP-certified means that they follow good manufacturing practices. They are a contract laboratory for chemical analysis with 25 years of experience, providing high-quality chromatographic analysis based on cuttingedge knowledge and technology. Included with the blood test is a BalanceTest ID that only you can see. Neither the lab, nor Zinzino knows who submitted the test. At zinzinotest.com your results will be displayed when you enter your BalanceTest ID. If you have completed the questionnaire, you will have access to the complete analysis. If you have not completed the questionnaire, you will see your balance score only

Laboratory: VITAS AS, Norvay

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